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Guidelines at Cherney Dance Studio!

Our guidelines are designed to keep order in the studio especially while dance classes are underway and to help students and parents get the best dance experience during their stay with Cherney Dance Studio.

  • Students should attend class regularly. Excessive absences affect not only the individual but the whole class.

  • Promptness to class is important. Arriving late is a distraction to the class.

  • Students should not arrive more than 10 minutes before class. When students arrive too early, they often become restless and find it difficult to pay attention in class.

  • Parents should arrive at the studio in time to pick up students immediately after class. Instructors are busy teaching other classes and cannot watch over children whose parents are late for dismissal.

  • No food, drinks or gum chewing in the dance classroom.

  • All students, family members and friends should be polite and respectful of our students and instructors. Rude, aggressive behavior or the use of foul language will not be tolerated.

  • Label all of your belongings, especially dance shoes and dance bags.

  • Parents should read the information sent home and also periodically check the postings in the studio so parents are aware of important information and activities.

  • Students should follow directions and cooperate with instructors during class.

  • Proper dance attire is required at all times.


Studio Calendar

The studio wil NOT close on any days other than those listed below.

  • November 24 - Thursday Closing only for Thanksgiving Day
  • December 24 through January 2 - Closing for Holiday Break
  • April 17 - April 22 - Spring / Easter Break
  • May 29 - Closing for Memorial Day


Parent Observation

For two weeks during the season parents are welcome to observe dance classes in Cherney Dance Studio.

  • October 24th - 29th
  • February 20th - 25th


Inclement Weather

Closings for inclement weather will be left on our answering machine by 1 PM during the week and by 7 AM on Saturday. Please always check as very often we do not close when public schools close.



599 Chestnut Street, Union, NJ 07083
Near Five Points, 2 Blocks from Exit 139
of The Garden State Parkway in Union County
(908) 688-4664